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A new study conducted by iYogi Insights, the research division of  leading independent provider of on-demand  tech support services, reveals that nearly 30 percent Americans have been victims of cybercrime including identity theft, credit card fraud and online scams. Based on a survey of more than 2,000 iYogi customers, the research also reveals that  while as many as 10 percent  victims have been  targets of all three crimes, yet nearly 20% do not use any protection for their computers while surfing the web.

As the world moves online with 78% respondents claiming that they use the Internet for shopping and  banking, it is only natural the fraudsters and criminals too have moved online. But as a slew of cyber crime plague people transacting online, the United States remain in the bottom five protected countries with 19.32 percent Americans surfing without protection compared to a global average of 17 per cent. One out of every six PCs has no anti-virus protection.

Other key findings of the iYogi Insights research also include:

  • Most people are ignorant of what constitutes a security risk online and what could be sensitive information. 30% don’t consider date of birth as sensitive information while 10% think it is safe to share credit card numbers.
  • 40% think it’s safe to share information like full name, address and personal email ID
  • At least 15% respondents know someone who has been victims of cybercrime.
  • 67% consumers still believe that by sticking to safe sites , they will be free from virus threats and cyber theft and 66 percent think they are  protected if they avoid using public computers to transact online.

“As the world moves online and we use the Internet for virtually running everything in our lives including interacting with our friends, conducting business, shopping and banking, we often tend to overlook how much sensitive personal information we are inadvertently leaving available for cybercriminals who are constantly on the lookout for unsecured data on the Web which they can use to rob or dupe unsuspecting netizens,” says Vishal Dhar, President Marketing and co-founder of iYogi. This latest research from iYogi Insights reveals how vulnerable a large portion of the population remains even as their lives have moved online. Adequate and effective online security is a must today for anyone transacting or sharing information on the Web.”

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iYogi Insights is a research initiative launched by iYogi to help understand the issues that people face with technology and how they adapt tech solutions to enhance their lives. A subscriber base that is among the largest in the tech support industry gives iYogi a unique vantage point to observe how technology is impacting people’s lives and habits. Frequent interaction with this wide database of subscribers gives us a privileged peek into how people are forging a partnership with technology, sorting out the occasional issue, and on the whole, positively embracing technology to empower themselves.